Monday, August 22, 2011

Forest Fires and CFIDS

I have seen many, many things documented to negatively impact CFIDS patients (alcohol, sugar, travel, activity, computer screens, phosphates, foods....the list goes on and on).

Although it makes sense, I have never happened to see the impacts of forest fire smoke documented.  It is now fire season in Montana and the day the smoke rolled in I began a downward trend.  And my eyes feel horrible.  I am also sleeping even more poorly than usual (I will post about sleep apnea surely at some point).

I will also go out on a limb here and say that fighting forest fires is contra indicated for CFIDS patients.  This is not a relevant limitiation for most patients, I am guessing, but I was once a wildland firefighter and until last year I kept my quals current as part of my job.  So it is just one more bummer on the list that I may not ever fight a fire again.  My subconscious (subconscience?) has been ready for a fire call since the moment I first smelled smoke.

Baker River Hot Shots (one yr before I was there)

Post fire research

My guard station

Couple years after me but a lot like my last night with crew

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