Monday, March 19, 2012

Freedom ~ Clark Little Photography

Flame ~ Clark Little ~ click here
I was searching for Clark Little while looking at photos on facebook (Amazing Earth via Like Animals); I couldn't remember his name, but I'd been wanting to remember so I could show my kids his photos.  I picked up a book in Waikiki in a shop and was mesmerized.  I never got around to looking at anything else in the shop.  What I recall reading that day was that his wife asked him to take a picture of a wave for their bedroom, which sparked his amazing art.

Tonight, picture by picture, I am finding solace and peace in these photos.  His turtle photos are amazing, but some of the wave shots are just amazing (I want to highlight a few of those favorites, too, but will probably save those for another night).  Since the turtles are spread out, I'm posting links to the turtle pictures I saw (I'm trying to keep the pictures big enough to see his watermarks), and its worth clicking on each because they are so much bigger and better in his gallery, plus his books contain even more.  I plan to order a print for my wall at some point, but have to figure out which one and where it'll go, plus catch up on bills for a while.

But you truly can't think of bills when you open his site, and a slide show starts that'll stop you REALLY need to give yourself at least a minute or two on his site.

Dancing Honu



Flying Honu


Heavenly Honu


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