Sunday, November 20, 2011

#NBHPM Day 18 ~ Comment as a blog post

Today we're on our way home from DC and I still am not going to have a reliable internet connection, so I'm getting this started in hopes of posting later.  We got a connection long enough to check flights, but not long beyond that.

That also makes it difficult to sift through the health blogs that have inspired me.  So I may do this one again later in the month.  I do remember my first comment, though.  It was a blog about blogging, on  a post discussing common novice mistakes---all of which I was making at the time (and I'm still making several).

I really enjoy this blog, Marian Schembari (Cutting through the BS of social media.  Less zen.  More king fu.); her content is high quality, her tweets are fun to follow, and she just plain cracks me up.

Post was: 
8 reasons why no one's following you on twitter

Comment was:
You crack me up....each of your posts giving advice for newbies and oblivious people (for blogging and tweeting) could be written directly to me....yet I am somehow never, ever (even slightly) offended.  this fascinates me, because I think I might a bit (hopefully secretly) egotistical in other aspects of my life.  I am even currently making many (perhaps most) of the biggest mistakes you seem to commonly write about.  I don't plan to stay for now it really makes me laugh.

I've been blogging since summer and tweeting for about a week (following you on twitter without, luckily (because I think my style of obliviousness so far may just be the type to make you cringe), having solicited you to follow me).  There are few to no people in my area on twitter and amazingly few people I know in real life....two people in my entire email/facebook contacts lists, which statistically is pretty interesting in this day and I have two real life followers and one stranger, and it just might stay that way.

I appreciat the tools you've shared so that I have an avenue for gradually becoming less oblivious.

Cheers, Angela

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