Friday, January 27, 2012

Blog post you should read: Internet mistakes to avoid (WEGO Health)

New patients should read this, seasoned patients should add comments to it.....valuable points

Mistakes Patients Should Avoid When First Taking to the Web

"Yes, information is the very first step toward empowerment – but (and this is a significant but) – these searches and health info sites can easily overwhelm you. Before you know it you’re scaring yourself into thinking of the worst. You’re hearing about symptoms, outcomes, and other frightening things all at once. Instead of overwhelming yourself, pause, and consider asking someone you trust to look for you (or alongside you). And, instead of just looking for articles and hard facts – seek out patient communities. The narrative piece and community piece are going to give you solace and honesty along with the facts. Look for patient leaders and community members who can humanize the black and white and fill in where your care team may have left off."