Sunday, November 20, 2011

Infusing some humor (finger hostage) ~ #NHBPM Day 20

Today's National Health Blog Post Month prompt is to describe an event or something else that made you laugh.  A few things quickly pop to mind.

Recent Christopherisms (my six year old):

In DC, our first night in our hotel I found his shirt hanging from the ceiling fan. I ask how it got there and he says with a straight face and shrugged shoulders, "I really don't know.....somehow it just GOT there. Something must have happened to it."

Our first Smithsonian day, we were looking at fossils and he didn't know what they were called, so he described them as "extinctly formed".

On the plane home, he had to run to the bathroom several times.  He is very into tootsie rolls and sometimes now just burts it out or even uses it as an expletive or happy explanation.  But on the toilet on his third trip he started singing, "tooot-sie ro-oll, I'm sitting on the toilet; tooot-sie ro-oll, but nothing's coming out".

At one of our dinners with my inlaws, Chrstopher was describing how so many of the pilgrims died the first winter because they didn't know as much as the indians, and because they had flabby arms.

Another thing that really, really cracked me up was this picture on facebook:

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