Sunday, March 18, 2012

Beatles a capella covers (for this gray Montana day)

I was talking to other fire-wife-moms last night, and the grayness of Montana winters came up a couple of times from people realizing how little we recognize how much we are impacted by the gray of our winters.

Things like Seasonal Affective Disorder are talked about quite a bit in places like Alaska during winter, with college campus health centers even providing multi-station uv light consoles the way a public library would provide computers.  And in the Pacific Northwest, cities like Seattle are known for their depressingly rainy winters. But in Montana, we mostly talk about winter in fairly positive terms because so many of us spend our time outside when the snow falls.

When I lived in Alaska, my first winter was bliss; I even rode my bike to school through the winter and occasionally skied to campus.  My second winter, though, when I was pregnant and unable to do the same high impact (and somewhat high risk) physical activities, winter was another story altogether, I has much more empathy for the many friends up there (especially people born and raised there) significantly impacted by winter blues.

On the medical side of things, UV light and travel can be very helpful during winter.  But on a less-than-medical and less-than-long-term-solution-finding note, indoor fun is good where you can find it.

Which brings us back the Beatles.  I swiped these youtube shares from facebook.  Watch and enjoy.

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