Friday, July 27, 2012

River Medicine: "There's a River with my name on it...."

I realized I need to post river pictures after reading the following in an article:

"There’s a river with my name on it…I don’t care if I have to stuff my I’ve-earned-this-ass into a bathing suit…the immediate relief on all things joint/muscle related is immeasurable!"

The article is Badass Gone Wild…uh…Camping on a blog called Lupus Interrupted.  This indicates to me that moms and sick people everywhere should do what she and I do at least once year, though my reprieve of this nature is 3 days and hers is ten.  

Ours is a group of moms on a float trip each July.  Our "Goddess" trip.  There really aren't words (though Kim puts it to verse each year).  So I'll put some picture up instead.  Enjoy, as these are enjoyable.  Can you even tell which women in these pictures are sick and which are not?  I didn't think so.

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