Thursday, January 31, 2013

Please sign a petition to help lyme sufferers get diagnosed and treated

Follow this link to sign the petition:

Reform the Infectious Disease Society of America Treatment Guidelines for Lyme Disease

"Lyme disease is at epidemic levels, posing a significant threat to public health. Lyme can lead to chronic and debilitating effects if not properly treated. Lyme is leaving masses of people in progressive states of illness and financial ruin. The Infectious Diseases Society of America's treatment guidelines are to blame, they promote the idea that Lyme is a simple, rare illness that is easily cured with 30 days of antibiotics. This is not true. Insurance companies are denying payments for medications even when deemed medically necessary after 30 days. Doctors who treat Lyme patients are being investigated and prosecuted for not conforming to such guidelines. Please sign this petition to reform IDSA guidelines and allow doctors NOT Insurance companies, to decide what is medically necessary."

For further information on the politics of lyme, also watch the movie "Under Our Skin"

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