Monday, May 6, 2013

Lyme Awareness Month 2014: Life after Lyme link (Check out Touched by Lyme)

I just googled this title as a search term.  I just finished a Girl Scout Night Trek in Canada with my troop and other local troops.  I'm recovering, of course, but I loved the moments when I felt like a fairly normal person.  Or at least what I think I remember of what that felt like.

It's lyme awareness month, so I wanted to start mine off with something uplifting.  With lyme, there's always some sad mixed in.  Here's one I enjoyed.

TOUCHED BY LYME: Coming back to life after Lyme disease

"It’s a universal feeling, wanting to cling to youth. For Lymies, the feeling is less about nostalgia and more about grief for lost time. At some point for people struggling with chronic tick-borne disease, one tick stopped the clock entirely. I sometimes joke that I feel like I went to sleep when I was 25 (when I first got diagnosed) and woke up when I was 33 (when I went into remission and moved to Boston). For all the laughs I get, the truth is, there’s nothing funny at all about losing eight years of your life."

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