Friday, October 14, 2011

Heaven is a cookie

Last week Greg made 4 giant chocolate chip cookies, one for each of us.  They were non-dairy, so I could eat them too.  My first chocolate chip cookie in a very, very long time.  It was so amazingly wonderful.  I was full after 1/3 of it, but managed to eath the whole thing.  I haven't been doing all that well with sugar, but this was very worth it.

Then, yesterday, we went out to lunch for Greg's birthday at a new restaurant in town.  The panini I got had goat cheese in it.  I had it without the full amount of cheese, since this was an experiment.  I am intolerant to dairy, probably as a CFS symptom, and also casein (a dairy protein that's in everthing, even non-dairy products, because they put it back into non-dairy foods).  I seem to have done just fine with it--no noticeable stomache pain yesterday, a little bit this morning but I'm not sure its even related.

So....soon I will try pizza!  Yay!

Also, I ordered a latte, but they didn't have soy...they only had almond milk, which is soooo much better.  Their almond milk was frozen, so they had to give me chocolate almond milk, which was terrific with their peppermint flavor/syrup that they make themselves.  Plus, it took him a while to bring it out, so the best latte I've had in months was FREE!

Food is wonderful.

The picture above is a non-dairy mocha cupcake I had in Hawaii that was also heaven, though it took me three days to eat it all.

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