Friday, October 28, 2011

Some of Katie's Wedding little shutter bug

Before the wedding, I was talking to the photographer about a girlscout that is passionate about taking pictures and he was telling me that he has seen amazing pictures taken by kids.  Katie had started taking lost of picture in Vegas, running out of space and batteries each day.  At the wedding, Judy Edwards, a fellow bridesmaid, told Katie she could take as many pictures as she wanted on her fancy camera.  When Katie really got going, she didn't put the camera down for hours.  Judy had about 5 minutes with her camera, but she was comfortable with Katie going to town.  and she started emailing selected photos the very next day.  She's amazing.

But Erik, the wedding photographer (photos posted in previous post about elegance and cfids) was right...I couldn't beleive what I was seeing.  Katie's pictures are really something.  He commented multiple times that she may have found a career and that we will need to be buying her some good equipment.  This is just a smattering so far.

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