Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kids in Vegas Part 2 (video, photos, Christopher's hat, lion king tickets, and 3 mile goal)

Katie doing math by the pool

Monday was our first full day, and we sat through the time share gig, as planned, to earn 3 free lion king tickets.  It was still worth it, but of course it went long.  The kids were awesome for the first hour and a half of what was supposed to be a half hour (not that we ever thought it would be that short).  I did get a bit agitated with this one becasue my patience with subjective math is pretty short.  But its comical to watch them turn to Greg, as if he'd be more likely to accept their creative reaoning.  Trust me people, if I'm not buying what you're saying, you lost my husband a long time ago.

Our goal was to get to the Mandalay bay to book our seats and see as much as we could along the way.  It was a lot of fun zig zagging through the crowd and looking up at everything.  Christopher's hat disappeared in the Mandalay and he was pretty distraught until we (very luckily) found it.  The kids didn't know we where we were headed or why, and Katie couldn't stop trying to get me to spill the beans.  The video below shows her face when I finally told her.  They were pretty excited to have tickets to the Lion King for Christopher's birthday (Tuesday).

My muscles weren't as ready for all of this walking as they were on previous trips but I think this will be another big jump start as far as getting my endurance back.  I did really, really well.

Plus, when we did the math, I definitely exceeded 3 miles today, which is the benchmark my doctor set for trying to do some running.  So, yay!!!!!!!!!

Christopher dipping his feet

First of at least 8 Starbucks we saw that day


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