Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Yoga ~ Less Pain

In my early months of CFIDS, yoga was too much for me.  This is certainly not comprehensible to people in full health.  But there it is (and here are some pre-CFIDS yoga photos from a Glacier backpacking trip in 2009).

An awesome sleep technician with fibromyalgia lent me a DVD she had been using to manage pain.  She warned me that it would not feel like much when I was able to do it, but to start slow, as it would be more for my body than it seemed.  She said 20 minutes made her sore for a week.  I couldn't grasp that until I tried it, and she was absolutely right.  Yoga was always calming for me pre-illness, especially in live classes, but it wasn't 'enough' for me if I were looking for a work out or trying to build strength.  But five minutes was indeed enough to make me sore.

It was through that DVD (after being prescribed medication for orthostatic hypotension that helped me be out of bed) that I got control of the aches and pains that were stemming from being bed bound and locking me in an unfortunate circle.  I believe it was titled 'Move through Pain'.  It was too gentle for my ego, but it was perfect for my body.

When I was able to work a little harder, I tried Tara Styles, which I discovered through online "channels" on my dvr.  I watched her clips before I could do them, usually after meditations, and I think it got my body ready.  I like her style, and the short length of her clips lets me adjust what I need that day.  She has a website and clips on youtube.

Today, I found a yoga blogger on wellspring who wrote a fantastic article on perceptions and yoga and relationships.  I am excited to explore her blog.

Having fallen away from consistent practice this month for multiple reasons, I am seeing the consequences in my mood and my body.  I even somewhat pulled my hip while standing still (seperate post). 

I plan to eat a good lunch and go yoga.

Some of the direct pain-related benefits of yoga for me have been:

Reduction in lower back pain

Better overall flexibility and stamina

Strengthening muscles that support joints (since I have hyperflexion, which can lead to pain when muscle tone is low)

Reduction in neck/jaw/facial tension that was causing pain

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