Thursday, September 29, 2011

I pulled my hip, because apparently I'm 70 years old now

So, I think its because of lack exercise, but until its better I won't be getting any.  I am planning for it to go away by tomorrow so I can get back to yoga.

When I saw a rheumatologist last year (CFIDS patients have no shortage of doctors in their lives) he told me I have hyperflexion (more elastin than collagen, causing my joints to all bend backwards).  He said I probably never noticed it becuase I had been very fit as I entered my twenties (as a wildland firefighter and avid backbacker/mt biker, etc.) and did not feel any of the pain I might have otherwise started to feel by my thrities.  He showed me how weird my joints are, but they are the only joints I have so I never really knew that was different.  I never had to worry about my knees locking, they just bend backwards.  Apparently its very common and only causes problems if/when people's muscle tone decreases because the joints rub together and you can end up with arthritic-type conditions.

I guess I gain from knowing this because I can focus on muscle tone and flexibility eventually.  Otherwise, it just makes me more aware of the popping and weird things my joints do more know than they did before I was sick.  I think today's hip issue is related to hyperflexion because the start of it was a familiar feeling that usually passes quickly.  Also because nothing else happened to my hip.

I'm in very little pain, though, compared to the amount I got the feeling from the rheumatologist I should or could be feeling.  I think my pain tolerance is bigger than a lot of people when it comes to bigger pains (childbirth, tmj, stuff like that) but then oddly tiny when it comes to tiny little nothing cuts and scrapes (I'd rather have a giant goose egg than a papercut--I once got several papercuts on my face and it was awful).

Anyway, I think my new rule for doctors is that if they have something new they want to diagnose me with it's just not necessary unless there's something I can or should or need to do about it, and if they are sure it is actually going to affect me in some way.  Otherwise, I just really don't need to know about new stuff.  I think the benchmark will be that if something doesn't impact my life equal to or greater than the stuff I already know about, they can just write it down and I'll ask them some day if I'm curious.

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