Friday, September 9, 2011

On my way home after two more days of turtles

I'm in Salt Lake City, so my internet connection may not last long.  I have been up since 6 am Hawaii time Thursday morning.  Flight delays and full planes are making my return trip long.  I am hoping to get on to the late flight tonight (that is still six hours away) so I'm not stuck here overnight.

Another Montanan, Rose, got bumped with me for the first flight we tried off of Honolulu last night and we have been making and missing the same flights since then.  She's a fellow "non-rev" standby (her daughter works for Delta).  But she just departed for Helena, as she couldn't make it to Butte.  I had gotten out of traveling-by-myself mode.  She was neat and her daughter was born the same day as me. 

After Tuesday's awesomeness in regards to turtles, I was pretty happy, but even happier to get to hang out with them again on Wednesday.  I have pictures to put up that I am pretty excited about.

THEN, hanging out Thursday before my flight, the turtles were feeding by the pink hotel (where I saw them on my last Honolulu trip).  I still haven't met any locals who have seen them there.  I can't believe it happened again.  It was once again incredible.  But that'll be another post, too, starting with my sunglasses being at the bottom of the ocean and ending with me being at the bottom of the ocean.  There was a valiant but fruitless group effort toward recovery of the sunglasses and an Australian ready to save me from the Ocean but I was able to save myself.

If this post has no pictures, I had to run or lost internet, but I'm trying to put at least a couple up real quick.  I can't believe the last few days really happened.  I am very ready to see my kids.

There is a man at another computer table tapping his pen with tremendous force and constantly changing rythms.  It's too ridiculously aggravating to really be aggravated by....if a sitcom character were that annoying it would be too exaggerated to be believable.  I want to know what kind of pen he has that it can withstand that kind of force. 

Oh yay, now he's playing with the clicker thingy.  I think its time for me to go.

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