Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More turtles!!!!!

Soooo happy! 

This was another amazing experience and a very, very good CFIDS day.  Packed a lot in, but made it all the way through a late dinner and drive back to Waiki.  Even snorkeled twice AFTER the turtles, so a very amazing day for health.  

This is the beach I've checked for turtles each trip (but hadn't yet seen them there), and I was just thinking I'd stop real quick, "just in case" then we'd move on to other beaches, but there they were.  It was very hot and fairly crowded, so it was not as relaxing as last time, but it was amazing to see them up close and the people were excited and mostly repectful to one another and the turtles.  It was incredibly invigorating, and the fact that I did so well the rest of the day just furthers my belief that they help me.  Now I think they may even give me super powers, for how much I was able to do afterward.

These videos are of the the third turtle I watched up close, with a tiny shot of the fourth, who came out of the water as I was leaving.  A teanager that started coming last year, but I didn't hear a name or gender.

The first was Hao'Okanaka, basking by a big rock.  People around him were the funniest, beginning with a frenchman scolding the crowd in his picture for being in his picture, but waving his arms wildly in front of everyone else's picture.  It was amusing.  And a woman standing next to the turtle who kept asking where it was, who was very amused when she realized she was next to it.


And there were many turtles in the water close to shore.

These next pictures are of Brutus.  His rope was expanded when the third turtle came out of the water (in the video above).  The volunteers were great at keeping the crowd back without squelching curiosity or excitement and people were mostly respectful of the turtles space.  Almost entirely.

It was fun to watch the third turtle come out of the water (just meaning the third while I was there).  The volunteer in the pictures was very nice and knowledgeable.  And professional...I say volunteer but I'm not actually sure.


Jenni is very patient...we've been friends for at least 26 years.

And this is the teenager that came out of the water as we were leaving.

Then we went snorkeling at a couple of north shore beaches and Jenni bought me an early birthday dinner at a great Thai place.

And before turtles, found awesome food, including a NON-dairy mocha cupcake!  I haven't had a cupcake in a really, really long time.  For the sugar, it was a CFIDS mistake that I got away with, happily, because it was pretty darn cool to be eating chocolate.



  1. Awesome. Happy early birthday! And this is yet more motivation for me to get a DSLR…

  2. A belated thank you for the early birthday wishes!