Sunday, September 4, 2011


First of all, sitting in an airport with a laptop makes me feel pretty sophisticated.  My clothes, not so much.  Though for me, they're more so than usual. I could be wearing my nicer shoes, but they're not as comfortable, so they're packed.

Anyway,  I'm headed to Seattle to spend some time with my  very, very good friend Jenni.  She's in thesis-writing mode, so I'm sooo happy to be catching her in break mode.  And happy that she has a husband who nudged her into break mode.  That makes me smile.

I'm about to start the first leg of my flight (hopefully) from Kalispell to Salt Lake to Seattle.  I fly standby through my husband's summer airport job (he's also a firefighter/paramedic full time year-round), so I never know for sure until a plane leaves whether or not I'll be getting on each plane. 

Jenni and I are listed on a flight tonight from Seattle to Honolulu.  This is our first time using a "buddy pass".  I am 2nd in line for 42 unsold seats and she is 9th in line.  If we don't make our first try, we won't be going, since she has time constraints and we don't want to get stuck anywhere.  Things can change minutes before a flight, so 42 seats can change very quickly.  We won't know until the last second whether or not we will get on.

When we get there, we have help from a friend/acquaintance in scrambling for a hotel room.  Then we have a condo for 2 nights!  Although if we don't make it, we lose the condo nights (paid for a long time ago, no knowing I would lose my job).  Jenny also loses the transfer fee she will have to pay to change her return ticket.

I love having a friend adventurous enough to try this with me. 


They are starting to make announcements for my flight, so I'm done for now....if I don't get on this first leg I'm sunk, but I'm 2nd in line for 4 seats, so I should be OK.  I had to come in with Greg at 4:30 when his (last for the year) shift started, and its now almost 7 am.  Hope he can come in and say hi, or maybe a goodbye kiss plane side....he's so cute in his uniform.

It's so weird not traveling with the kids!

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