Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No crash this week (last week of September after Kintal Lake)

It's been a great month in terms of health.  I traveled to Hawaii with Jenni (lots of turtle blogs posted about that trip), followed immediately by a camping trip to Bowman Lake in Glacier National Park, followed the next weekend by a Girl scouts camping trip to Apgar in Glacier, followed this past weekend by a camping trip to Kintla Lake in Glacier for my birthday.  Some of the trips are covered in more detail in my Montana Momma blog.  Following a couple of these trips I caught colds that clung on a couple of times.  Otherwise though I wouldn't say I had major crashes, especially considering the level of activity on some of these trips.  I'm pretty pleased.

Top among the activities that could have caused crashes was getting caught in a storm on Kintla Lake in the Canoe.  Prior to that the level of exertion was very doable, with Greg paddling a lot so I could take pictures.  As a rain storm blew in, the wind became quite intense.  Another canoe was having trouble getting back before we started heading in.  We had to paddle really hard to make it back.  Without CFIDS it would have been exhausting.  That happened Sunday and it is now Wednesday.  If I were going to crash, I think it would have happened by now.

This is very happy for me also because I have a new round of work sludge to contend with. (I am fighting hard to not go out on disability, as I know I can still work, which has been a year long battle with my employers involving lawyers and Washington DC level disputes---but I am mostly relegating that to a seperate blog because it is not an easy topic to remain positive about.)  Working on gathering information and putting together what we need for the next response (because they are dragging the process on and on) was tiring and stressful, so on top of the wind storm, it would not be suprising if I were having some kind of crash, but I am happy to say that I may have escaped it.

When I get my pictures all in order I'll probably post more in my Montana Momma blog (focused more on kids and outdoor stuff and less on illness).

This water doesn't look bad, but it was a bugger to get back....

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