Monday, September 19, 2011

More health all week

So, to recap, the week before last I was in Waikiki looking for turtles.  Last weekend I was in Glacier camping with my family.  Yesterday, I returned from a weekend Girlscout campout in another corner of Glacier (more pictures and detail in my outdoor blog).

I now have another round of work sludge (bread and roses blog) to contend with, which is impacting me, but I'm trying to cope as best I can.  These trips give me something to draw from for each round and they build me up as I see what I can do.  Being outside is very good for me.

The other leaders know my situation.  And I am happy to say, they understand.  They helped give me options that allowed me to rest and keep going without feeling guilty for what I wasn't doing.  I realized just now as I type that I didn't feel guilty for resting or for hiking less, I just appreciated all the help from other leaders.  We wouldn't have a troop otherwise.  And I'm very glad we do.

I chose to eat french toast even though I can't have dairy.  I felt it in my gut mid-day and it probably made me a little foggy, but I was already fighting a cold, so I couldn't really pick that out.  The french toast was covered with syrup into which ants had found their way....12 out of 24 people ate the syrup anyway (though most of us did take the ants out).

 I think campfire smoke impacted me both weekends, but this weekend was chilly and even wet, so I needed to spend time by the fire.  I love getting outside and seeing the things I can do, instead of being confined to my house having to face all things I'm not getting to do (primarily work).  The next photo is about how I felt and probably how I looked, followed by a picture of me trying to look awake.  The photo after that is the view I was enjoying at the time above Avalanche falls a bit upstream.


This was the first trip to Glacier for one of our girl scouts.  What's better than that?

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