Sunday, September 4, 2011

More turtles? Update

Made to Salt Lake unscathed.  Should make Seattle flight, too. 

Honolulu numbers:  42 seats unsold, I am number 3, Jenni is number 10

Talked too much about work with my cool seat mate.  He is active with the 4 wheeling community on my forest but on a different district.  I don't know his name and I'm not worried about it....I'm not working on any projects in that area and I can talk to people if I dang well please, and they are not paying me right now anyway (this little side rant has to do with my work situation with the Forest Service).

I do miss my job.  And I DO NEED (another) break from thinking about my work situation.  I don't think I've mentioned here that it sometimes hurts to look at the beautiful mountain view from my living room, because every place I can see is connected to something awesome I would be doing this time of year, or something I would be trying to find out during field season.  So traveling really helps me cope with both being sick and (sadly and unfairly) losing my job.

Feeling pretty good so far.  Have that CFIDS "flu" feeling, but I think it was worse than this by this time of day when I traveled in June.   I should probably caffienate soon.  No problems with my ears on the flight (even on the Bell's palsy side).

As a side note, I think non-drowsy dramamine helps with my CFIDS symptoms, which is something I noticed last fall when traveling before even being fully diagnosed.  I wonder why that would be, but it has been pretty (maybe entirely) consistent for me.

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