Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Turtle Doctor!

First of all, I made the check-in/welcome girl cry.  She asked lots and lots of questions I made a brief comment about seeing turtles.  She said she LOVED turtles, then teared up as she started to tell me about her baby tortoise.  Then she teared up more and more as she told about it getting attacked by a dog and having its shell cracked.  She called the Humane Society, who referred her to a turtle doctor across the island.  She rushed her turtle a very long way to see him, but there was nothing that could be done.  This was years ago but she was still very sad about her little turtle.

It's not likely I'll end up in that town, but I think if I do I am meant to at least look for the turtle doctor.  Maybe that's meant for another trip.  And maybe I'm just silly.  But it was interesting to learn there is 'turtle doctor' on the island.  He's got to have fascinating stories.

But here's the restaurant the baby toroise girl suggested, where you grill your own steak while watching waves and the sunset (this happens to be the restaurant we cut through before running into the turtles on our last trip).  We actually ate here on our first trip for breakfast.

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