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NHBPM Day 27 ~ Quote Unquote

Grab a quote from this site (type in any word – see what comes up!) and use that quote to set you writing.
Quote Unquote.

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Comment by Jenn on September 18, 2009 at 3:24pm

Beka.. awesome for taking on this battle!

I have friends who have told me their stories of being fired from work due to dystonia.. one sued her employer, but only won her job back.. she opted for disability and severence because the hostile work environment was not worth it... Another didnt even try.. because the symptoms were not worth the stress.

For someone of your stature in the dystonia world to take on this battle it will help those of us who arent able to fight against the discrimination that comes withy rare disorders. I wish you the greatest strength.. and thank you because even though this lawsuit is about you its for all of us!

Why I 'grabbed' it

The risk of fighting to protect our rights, for those of us with serious and rare disorders, practically make our legal protections null and void.  Ther is not protection in real time, meaning that a person is very likely to lose their health while trying to save their job.

It is awesome every time someone does it.  And I'm not saying this to toot my own horn, since I'm in a legal battle, too.  I'm saying because each person that came before and did do something about it makes it that much more possible for me to get a fair outcome, whether or not I ever see the how and why and connectedness.

A disabled veteran with lymphoma (from shots he recieved as a military medic) that I met this week told me that he couldn't fight what was done to him, but that he went to war so I could fight what was done to me.

That's one hell of a statement.

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