Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#NHBPM Day 16 ~ Little Engine

Today's National Health Blog Post Month prompt is the little engine that could, and today's picture, below, is my kids at the Smithsonian next to tone of the nation's oldest steam engines.  It used to derail a lot, but's still here.

  1. I think I can work.
  2. I think I can prove my right and ability to work so that I can.
  3. I think I can get my life back so I can be a better mom.
  4. I think I can be a better mom.
  5. I think I can learn to use my heart monitor.
  6. I think I can run without causing a crash.
  7. I think I can walk enough while correctly using my heart monitor so I can run without causing a crash.
  8. I think I can eat better.
  9. I think I can focus on the positive.
  10. I think I can start letting go.
  11. I think I can get better without forgetting what it was like to be sick.
  12. I think I can start using oxygen more efficiently at the cellular level.
  13. I think I can start to not be orthostatically hypostensive.
  14. I think I can someday not be intolerant of dairy.
  15. I think I can refrain from overdoing dairy when I am someday not intolerant to it.
  16. I think I can recover from CFS.
  17. I think I can stop this train!!!!
This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days:
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