Sunday, November 27, 2011

NHBPM Day 23 ~ To Keep My Hair

NHBPM Day 23 ~
Traveling for the holiday and again finding myself without internet.  Maybe Starbucks?  Or maybe a neighbor without a locked wifi signal?  We have wifi at home, and so do several neighbors, with very few people password protecting their internet.  Either we’re just not computer safety savy or we’re not as concerned about sharing something that will cost us the same either way.  So I’ll be stacking up posts again until I can post them.

Today’s prompt is ‘Health Activist Choice’.  I choose hair.  I’ve lost 2/3 of mine.  Which I’m not thrilled about.  It could be worse.  There aren’t visible clumps missing and seems like it may be slowing down.  But I’ve had a lot dreams about losing the rest of it.  Especially before being a bridesmaid.  Although even in those dreams I willed it to not fall out until after the wedding.

I ordered a wig online for my Fiona costume.  It was very inexpensive but I couldn’t believe the quality of it when it arrived.  No one knew it was a wig until I mentioned it a couple of hours into the Halloween party I went to.  When I last spent time with the people there my hair had been about that color and about that thickness.  Now, my entire hair in a pony tail fits in a little kid pony tail holder and is smaller than one strand of a former braid.

One of my very best and oldest friends, Shannon, is in school for cosmetology, so I’m headed there tonight to dye my hair (which will make it thicker).  I’ve been wanting to dye it but was afraid it might make more fall out.  But it actually should strengthen it and thicken it, so I’m double excited to see Shannon in action and to see my hair look a little more like it used to.

Knowing people who have lost or are losing all of their hair, I feel guilty and frivolous for fretting about the amount, but it’s unnerving all the same.  I couldn’t afford a high quality wig if it all fell out, but that Halloween wig would pass if it came to that.  I hope it won’t.  I avoid looking closely in the mirror because it worries me when I see it looking thinner along my forehead.  I don’t spend a lot of time on my appearance, but sometimes I do and I care.

I don’t think I’ll lose the rest and if I did I know I could handle it just fine.  It would just be one more thing, and it would grow back.  And if I looked half as hot as Carol it would really be just fine until it grew back (you can't see her fangs in this one, and she had a wig and veil with her costume, but she looked smokin' hot without it).

I read a great blog on hair loss….funny and helpful….a few months ago that I hope I can find a link for.  Today I actually really like the exact color my hair is now.  Maybe I’ll try for something similar but richer without going too much darker.

Update --- Shannon agreed that my natural color is perfect right now (it didn’t get bleached by sun this year because I wasn’t working in the field).   She did a shine treatment to make it stronger and thicker and cut layers to make it look thicker.  It definitely worked and I love seeing it in the mirror….it looks more like my hair.  It was awesome to see Shannon in that setting….it fits her so well and is something I’ve always been able to see her doing.

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